by Sarah Allen Reed
Hey, y'all. If you didn't catch it (I'm awful at keeping up with this blog), Volume 1 is completely finished, and Volume 2 is underway. We just released an end-of-year trade paperback called MONOLITH (which should be up on Amazon in its final form soon; we've been having troubles with production that have been documented pretty extensively on Instagram), and I'm currently working on Issue 8.

Anyways, I've decided to commemorate one full year of Tabula Rosetta and try to raise some cash for charity while I'm at it by releasing a limited edition shirt, featuring the artwork from the front and back covers of MONOLITH:

If you'd like to purchase a hoodie or shirt, click here. All proceeds are going to TransKids Purple Rainbow, a charity that supports transgender youth (I'm a transgender woman, myself) by promoting education, awareness and acceptance. This is a limited edition joint that's only going to be available for 21 days, and there's pretty good odds I'll never print these again.

Snag a shirt or hoodie and help me celebrate, and do some good for LGBT youth as well! Thanks so much for reading.

(Also, if you end up snagging one, send me a picture of you wearing it!)
Issue 6, 7, TRIAGE 2, Monolith, and Where The Hell I've Been
by Sarah Allen Reed you've probably realized, Issue 5 was released.

As was Issue 6.

And Issue 7.

And the second trade paperback, TRIAGE 2.

And MONOLITH, the end-of-the-year trade paperback, is currently in the final stages of production.

I'm...not the best at this whole "blogging" affair.



The van did end up getting fixed, and I did end up moving on, travelling around and doing odd jobs while finishing up on the works listed above. Altogether, I ended up living in the van for about six months before Sydney and I found ourselves an apartment and settled in.



The studio furniture was put together by hand by Syd from scraps used in the van and things I've picked up along the way. I sold nearly everything I had before we left, so this is more or less all that remains. It's not much, but it's definitely more than enough for me.

(As an addendum, Sydney recently came out as gay, and although we are still very good friends and I consider them a sibling, we are no longer together.)



The first two trade paperbacks, TRIAGE volumes 1 and 2, are currently out now on Amazon (Volume 1 is right here, and Volume 2 can be found here), and are slowly finding their way into households around the world. I deeply appreciate all of your support of the series, and I thank you for staying with me during this time. TRIAGE 2 was the sixth major work in my career that I have completed while homeless, with Issue 6 being the fifth and Issue 5 being the third. (I'm currently under an NDA for the fourth.)

Also, the new is currently under development. I'll provide a link when it's completed, and you can always keep abreast as to what nonsense I'm up to these days on Twitter., and speaking of which, I'm currently doing a Christmas giveaway of all seven currently available issues in .pdf format, completely for free. You should definitely go check it out.


I'll see you again soon.


Issue 5 and Issue (scratchedout) announcement; cover reveal.
by Sarah Allen Reed

The van's still in the shop. There's quite a bit wrong with her.

The original verison of Issue 5, despite my best efforts, is looking more and more like it won't be out on time. I'm currently sleeping in an F-150 in an undisclosed location (if you know where I am, please keep it to yourself), and I don't have reliable access to a scanner. What I do have, however, is my laptop and quite a few stories to tell that haven't been told yet.

Here's the cover art to Issue 5 (expected to be released the second I get scanner access) and this intermediate issue without a name or a number that should clear a few things up.

Issue 5 cover art


Issue 5 cover art.



Issue 6 cover art (formerly Issue 5).

I hope you're staying safer than I am, dear reader. I'll be in touch. Tuesday starts An Interrupted Segue, followed by a short story or two. The Waste Saga will pick up later.

I'll see you soon.


July 20, 2018.
by Sarah Allen Reed


Issue 5 is coming along as best as it can, given the circumstances. I'm currently stuck in an undisclosed location, typing this while staring out the window at a small coffee shop. The Diogenes' Barrel (my beloved van slash house) is currently in the shop, leaving me to wander around town.

This hasn't exactly stopped me, but it has slowed progress a tad. The comic may be slightly delayed, but hopefully not by much. In the meantime, here's some photographs of the current issue as it develops.



No automatic alt text available.



No automatic alt text available.


I'll be keeping up with updates on here, as always. The web series is approximately four issues behind the web at all times, so if you'd like to catch up to where I'm at, feel free to support both this endeavour and my livelihood by clicking here.

I will see you soon.



Sarah Allen Reed

So it begins...
by Sarah Allen Reed

June 17, 2018.

After four issues in print and nearly two hundred pages completed in the series itself, I feel it necessary to begin to take this comic and bring it to a new audience in a new format. And so, here we are.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Tabula Rosetta, welcome. I'm not sure where to begin describing the series itself, because quite frankly it's not exactly easy to describe. You're welcome to come along at the pace in which I release the pages, or you're welcome to skip ahead and purchase the books--no matter which you choose, however, I'm happy to have you along for the ride.

I'm not the biggest fan of social media, so I'll be using this author blog as a means of keeping you, the reader, updated on the conditions in my life (which directly affect the story in ways much more complex than update schedules, as you'll soon see) and updates as to where you can find the series (and yours truly) in real life, be they convention hits, small workshops, or other such bupkus. I'm also retooling my old website,, as we speak. If you head there now, please ignore the slew of older work and what-have-you; I'm not the best at keeping up with these kinds of affairs. Making work is one thing--telling people about it is another. I'm a bit of a recluse.

I'm not going to use this particular blogging platform as a means of blasting everything I do for BLACKWORK--for that, feel free to follow my Instagram if you feel so inclined, and get ready for some quality fucking content if you choose to do so for whatever godforsaken reason--just the Tabula Rosetta related stuff. There might also be some tidbits from the Codex or other related points of inspiration here, so feel free to keep up with this blog as well as the comic itself should you feel so inclined.

I hope you enjoy the comic.



Author, Tabula Rosetta
Proprietor, The Blackwork Organization