Once described as "the visual equivalent of depressive suicidal black metal", Sarah Allen Reed's "Tabula Rosetta" is a tour-de-force in experimental and surrealistic storytelling that’s anything but easy to fit into any certain genre or predetermined category.

Featuring complex, weaving storylines that find themselves taking paths almost as unpredictable as the series of events surrounding its creation--copies of the original print run of the series have been set ablaze en masse by the author herself, the original versions were often hidden throughout the United States at random for readers to find, "finished" versions of the books were pulled from production in their entirety only to re-emerge with entirely different content, and characters and locations in the series have often warped their way into the real world through an ARG-like blending of fiction and fact--the stories in the weaving and complex tapestry of Tabula Rosetta throw the reader for loops and drag them down into a mysterious dreamscape of beauty and blood.

Comix are a visual medium, and the art is nearly as bleak, mysterious, and chaotic as the stories themselves. Melding together a diverse range of influences--including the stylistic tendencies and storytelling prowess of early wordless novelists and early underground comix, the works and mindsets of the Pre-Raphaelite, Art Deco, and Art Noveau schools of artistic thought, and her own passion for esotericism, theology, and the occult--in a dark, moody, and sludgy drag through the darkest parts of the collective unconscious, Sarah’s surrealistic and impressionistic art style perfectly illuminates her punishingly dark tales and twisted (and often incredibly personal) narratives.

Part autobiographical memoir, part occult horror, part surrealistic suspense, and all visual poetry, Tabula Rosetta is a moonlit pool packed full of symbolism, mystery and intrigue that will leave you both gasping for air and wanting to be plunged back under the waters.

The stories here are posted out of order from the original comix, which is fitting because the stories in the comix are posted out of order as well. New pages are posted every Tuesday and Saturday, and the blog updates every Monday if Sarah's van finds itself near a Wi-Fi connection.


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